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Quality is at the core of what we do here at Sri Maha Akshya Seed, One of India's premier Agricultural firms. We are known for our Premium Hybrid Seeds. Our seeds have enriched the lives of countless farmers throughout the course of our collective history. Farmers' confidence in us has prompted us to use the most cutting-edge technology in order to increase yields. We are able to better understand farmers' present and future needs through our ongoing interactions with them. Using cutting-edge genetic engineering and breeding techniques, our team develops seeds with the desired characteristic and built-in tolerance to environmental stressors (biotic and abiotic). 

Our journey dates back to 1997, when our founder sowed the seed for Sri Murugan Store at Vilathikulam. Agri inputs such as seeds, chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides, and biochemicals are all part of the venture’s mission. In order to better the farmers' fields and put the best food on our tables, he became a distributor for a major seed production company (Ganga Kaveri Seeds) in Tamil Nadu in 1999, which led him to steer his career path towards seed marketing, going on to distribute pioneer brand seeds as well. Vegetable seeds like Cluster Bean, Moringa, and field crop seeds like Paddy and Jowar, quickly became synonymous with Murugan Farm House and has made us a reputable producer. Collaborative efforts with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University further spurred his need for greater improvements and research. He later became the Director of Maha Seed and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, in February 2015.

With the emergence of Sri Maha Akshya Seed, the path to a better future for Indian agriculture has become more promising to the farmers' livelihood. Sri Maha Akshya Seed had firmly enveloped itself as a sustainable and significant organization in the Agricultural business sector. Each farmer's needs are taken into consideration, and we supply seeds that produce long-term profits.


Why US?

We can make your crops stand tall, and you, stand out.

We have curated a portfolio offering a wide range of products in all essential crop categories. Climate-smart, locally-adapted assets have been developed to meet the needs of our farmers in various agro-ecological zones. 

  • We have high-quality products following years of research and experiential inputs.
  • Our seeds are disease-resistant and high-yielding. 
  • We work towards welfare, not simply profits. 
  • Our marketing efforts are unmatched.

Who We Are

SMAS and its efforts are characterized by excellence and a sincere commitment to agricultural farming. We are committed to genetic research, applying agricultural biotechnology in order to ensure the country's and farming community's wellbeing.


Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize agriculture by finding innovations in Seed production and supply chain
management with strong development of workforce so as to deliver the best our customers

Our Vision

The Vision of our company is to emerge as one of the leading technology driven Indian Seed Company along with empowering the social and economic welfare of farmers.

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