Research & Development

Walk with us. We are the confluence of science and sustainability.

Through our research, we focus on giving farmers the products that are best suited to their day-to-day operations. We provide seeds that are specifically tailored to the climatic and soil conditions of different regions, resulting in higher yields, lower costs, and higher profits for growers. A new variety's approval and release to the market might take several years. We spend a large portion of our profits on R&D initiatives in order to increase our yields and achieve greater success each time. We seek to conduct even more in-depth research with every passing stage, to help us reach our objectives and aid farmers in reaching theirs. 

Research Field 2
Seed processing Machines

Production & Processing

Walk with us. We are the confluence of science and sustainability.

Our Production Team begins the process of creating high-quality seeds by locating potential growing sites. A meticulous production schedule is drafted, taking into account the market outlook, the location of production, and the current season. 

Our Processing Unit is equipped with the latest technology. Weighing, cleaning, and treating the seed lots in accordance with the grades previously assigned is the first step in the process. Afterward, the Quality Maintenance Team takes samples from each batch to the lab for testing.

Quality Maintenance

Walk with us. We are the confluence of science and sustainability.

A seed company's ability to consistently provide high-quality products is a key factor in its success. The Quality Maintenance Division is unquestionably essential to the seed industry.

When seeds are being produced, the quality assurance department is in charge of ensuring that they are free of contamination at farm level while the seed testing laboratory is in charge of verifying that they are free of contamination at the laboratory level as well. Maintaining the Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards as well as ISTA regulations is a top priority for us. Samples are only issued for marketing when they have passed rigorous testing and have satisfied all of the criteria.

Sri Maha Akshya Seed's Quality Assurance Department relies on a well-established Seed Testing Facility with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, as well as highly qualified and committed staff.

Seed quality testing Labs