We are the bridge between the primary seed sector in the country and its access to high-quality, low-price seeds. We offer 17+ Varieties and Hybrids of Vegetable crops. Our range is the result of extensive research and development in this area, which imbues them with excellent adaptation qualities and resistance to diseases. We develop seeds fit for specific soil types with a close focus on microclimates.

Take a look at our range and we’re sure you will find just what you are looking for. 


Hybrid Tomato - Akshaya
Hybrid Tomato - Prakathi
Hybrid Tomato - Sujatha
Hydrid Bhendi - Agalya
Hybrid Brinjal - Srimathi
Hybrid Brinjal - Srinidhi
Hybrid Chilli - Suruthi
Hybrid Chilli - Nandhini


Bottle Gourd - Bhoomika
Bottle Gourd - Akshara
Ash Gourd - Swarna
Pumpkin - Monisha
Snake Gourd - Veni
Bitter Gourd - Manthra
Ridge Gourd - Swetha
Cucumber - Dharshini
Watermelon - SMA 123
Watermelon - SMA 456